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HR Hot Topics August 2023 - NEW I-9 and Verification Rule Changes

Hello Leaders, Welcome to August’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month we bring you the new I-9 form and we explore recent verification rule changes made to the I-9 process.

HR Hot Topics – July, 2023: Understanding the CROWN Act

Welcome to July’s edition of HR Hot Topics! I thought I’d take a break from sightseeing in Italy to share with you this month’s video – which has to do with racial or ethnic identity.

HR Hot Topics – June, 2023: Hiring Summer Help: Youth Employment Standards

Hello Leaders, Welcome to June’s edition of HR Hot Topics! School is out for most teenagers and that means it is time to secure a summer job. This is good news for many of you looking to shore up your workforce with seasonal help, but hiring team members ages 14-17 means complying with a unique set of employment rules.

HR Hot Topics – April, 2023: Potential Changes to Overtime Rules & Exciting HRM Announcements

Hello Leaders, Welcome to April’s edition of HR Hot Topics! This month I share with you potential rule changes that would impact the Fair Labor Standards Act, including who is eligible for overtime pay.


Summer Lay-Off

Q: I go on a two-week vacation every summer, during which time my staff either uses their own vacation time or, if they have none,

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The ABC’s of PTO

Q:  “I’m thinking of making some changes to my practice’s paid time off (PTO) policy.  Are there any best practices you can recommend or things

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