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HR Hot Topics – June, 2021: MIOSHA Emergency Rule Changes

Welcome to the June edition of HR Hot Topics.  In this month’s episode I unpack the latest round of MIOSHA emergency rules and discuss how they impact you and your business.  We are no stranger to changes in safety rules as a result of COVID-19, but this most recent change lifting mask restrictions (among other […]

HR Hot Topics – May, 2021: Vaccine Incentives and Responding to Customer/Patient Vaccination Inquiries

  Welcome to the May edition of HR Hot Topics.  In this month’s episode we’re talking vaccines…again.  The questions I receive on this topic continue to evolve as the compliance rates, eligibility criteria and CDC guidance change.  Most recently, I’ve been asked a lot about whether or not an employer can incentivize employees to get […]

HR Hot Topics – April, 2021: FFCRA Extension and COBRA Updates

In this month’s episode I provide an overview of two important changes brought about by the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act. This $1.9 trillion dollar package extends optional FFCRA leave and the associated tax credits through September 30th of this year. Additionally, the FFCRA reasons for approved leave have been expanded to include time […]

Summer Lay-Off

Q: I go on a two-week vacation every summer, during which time my staff either uses their own vacation time or, if they have none, are laid off. What considerations should I be aware of, such as unemployment insurance, the WARN act, etc. A: As you may know, you are perfectly within your rights as […]

She said what on Facebook?!

Q: I like to Google job applicants before I bring them in for an interview so that I can learn more about them. Most candidates now have a Facebook page and a Twitter account too. Can I ask for their login information to these sites as part of my hiring process?” A: No – at […]

The ABC’s of PTO

Q:  “I’m thinking of making some changes to my practice’s paid time off (PTO) policy.  Are there any best practices you can recommend or things I should consider when rewriting this policy?” A:  Providing employees with PAID time away from work in the form of PTO, vacation time, sick leave, paid holidays etc. is not […]