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Human Resource Online Training in Lansing, Michigan

HR Hazmat’s human resource online training courses are designed to meet the needs of all industries. Leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and harassment training are crucial for a confident, well-equipped organization.

Our human resource online training comes from a consulting body of knowledge – not a textbook. We’re offering you tried and true practices that we know work because we’ve seen them work. We’ve been on the other side of the desk. Our experience has allowed us to create training courses that are both informative and relatable.

Why HR Hazmat?

                        ✓ Customizable                    ✓ Flexible                    ✓ Relatable

Our online format is designed to offer you valuable content in a flexible way. You choose the course and format that best suits your organization and schedule. We offer both completely online and hybrid options. The hybrid format concludes a course with a facilitated video call conversation. This format creates opportunities for you to ask questions and for us to guide you in applying what you’ve learned. With every question you have, we’ll provide you with real solutions, not just “textbook” answers.

Behind our human resource online training courses is a team of professional HR consultants. Each one of us knows what it’s like to face those common workplace issues. We understand that with some issues, there’s no perfect answer. But even with risks, choices have to be made. We’re here to offer you real solutions to real problems, and help you make those tough decisions within your own organization.

Ready to get started? Book one of our courses today. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at (517) 974-8033.

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